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ERPSSA Cross Country Championships

Today, saw the annual ERPSSA cross country competitions take place at Notre Dame school. In total there were six exciting races involving 36 of our pupils Once again, it was a very successful morning for Cleves.

Race 1 Year 3/4 Girls

The first race of the morning saw the Year 3/4 girls race the 1.2km course and they very much set the standard for the morning with four of our girls finishing inside the top 20. A special mention to Heidi Thomson who ran a determined race to finish 2nd overall. 

  • 2nd Heidi Thomson

  • 8th Zoi Mavriotis

  • 14th Poppy Scott (Year 3)

  • 20th Amelia Sweeney

  • 40th Emily Richards (Year 3)

  • 48th Fabiana Piazza

Race 2 Year 3/4 Boys

This race was the highlight of the morning with our year 3/4 boys impressively dominating. All six finished in the top 14, with five of them inside the top 8.

  • 3rd Alex Didaskalou

  • 4th Ollie Swetman

  • 5th Omar Khan

  • 6th Freddy Pettifer

  • 7th Louis Wright

  • 14th Nico Mavriotis (Year 3)

Race 3 Year 5 Girls

Next up were the Year 5 girls and once again, it was an impressive performance by the team. They had slightly further to run, a total of 1.6km which was two laps of the course. Louisa Cipolletta ran a brilliant race to finish runner up and we had two others finish in the top 11.

  • 2nd Louisa Cipolletta

  • 10th Clodagh Williams

  • 11th Jimena Stynes

  • 46th Rachel Thomson

  • 52nd Beatrice Reilly

  • 54th Jess Prebble

Race 4 Year 5 Boys

It was then the turn of the Year 5 boys to race. After a fast and frantic start, the team ran well with three of the team finishing inside the top 20. Edward Roberts ran superbly to finish 2nd, overtaking a number of other boys in the final half kilometer.

  • 2nd Edward Roberts

  • 13th Joe Thorneycroft

  • 19th Lucas Williams

  • 22nd Zach Woolfson

  • 23rd Sean Salter

  • 41st Thomas Reps

Race 5 Year 6 Girls

The final two races saw Year 6 tackle the course in what were very competitive races. The girls were up first with Ruby Foley our highest finisher in 6th place.

  • 6th Ruby Foley

  • 15th Grace Frise

  • 17th Grace Gray

  • 32nd Anna Morgan

  • 33rd Lottie Thomson

  • 58th Luella Davis

Race 6 Year 6 Boys

Finally, after a long wait, the Year 6 boys finished a morning a race with a similarly strong performance. All six boys finished inside the top 30.

  • 11th Mac Douglas

  • 14th Finley Goldfinch

  • 15th Ben Bury

  • 21st Tom Guinan

  • 22nd Peter Jones

  • 28th Cameron Law

Overall Results

Year 3/4 Girls

  • 1st Notre Dame

  • 2nd Cleves (top state school!)

  • 3rd St Ann's Heath

Year 3/4 Boys

  • 1st Cleves

  • 2nd St Georges

  • 3rd St Cuthberts

Year 5 Girls

  • 1st Notre Dame

  • 2nd St Georges

  • 3rd Cleves (top state school!)

Year 5 Boys

  • 1st St Ann's Heath

  • 2nd Cardinal Newman

  • 3rd Cleves

Year 6 Girls

  • 1st Notre Dame

  • 2nd St Georges

  • 3rd Cleves (top state school!)

Year 6 Boys

  • 1st St Georges

  • 2nd St Cuthberts

  • 3rd Cardinal Newman

  • 4th Cleves

Congratulations to everyone who took part, these are truly fantastic results and are due to the hard work and commitment shown by attending running club throughout this year. Running at Cleves is going from strength to strength and it is particularly pleasing to see our younger pupils perform so well. A special mention to our girls as well who were the top finishing state school in every age group.

A big thank you to all the parents who gave up their Saturday morning to take the children to Notre Dame and for taking many of the photos below,