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Admissions Process

Year 3

The application process for the main intake to Cleves at Year 3 starts as your child joins Year 2. The deadline for Year 3 applications for September 2018 is 15th January 2018 although early applications are welcomed.

To make an application for a junior school place please visit and complete an application.

If your child is leaving Year 2 of an infant school you can only name schools which have an intake at Year 3 on your application form. These schools are listed separately in the booklet 'Information on primary schools in Surrey 2017/18'.

If you are interested in applying for a junior place at a primary school that does not have an intake at Year 3, you should submit an in year application for that school indicating your preferred start date. If the school is full you can arrange for your child's name to go on the waiting list. However if the school has a vacancy and your child is in Year 2 at an infant school, they may agree for the place to be deferred until the start of the autumn term.

Our admission criteria is applied to all applicants regardless of which preference Cleves may be (1,2,3,or 4) and offers are made in April of the following year.

Cleves is part of the Equal Preference Scheme as described above and the Co-ordinated Offer Scheme which means that all offers for the main Year 3 intake are made on the same date (as set by Surrey County Council) as all other schools.

To view our current Admissions Policy for September 2017, please click here

To view our Admissions Policy for September 2018, please click here

To view Governors' Response to Consultation on Cleves School's Admissions Policy 2017 please click here

To download the Children of staff, Supplementary information form, please click here.

For late applications, please visit:

Tours of the School

At main application time we hold an open evening in October.  There is no need to book for this.  In the following weeks there are  daytime tours of the school for you to see it in action. These can be booked at the open evening or by phone.

At other times of the year we offer individual after-school tours hosted by members of our GAP Club, who are excellent ambassadors for the school and thoroughly enjoy showing visitors around.


Year 3 places for September 2017 start will be offered on 18th April 2017. Should you not be allocated a place at Cleves you have the right to appeal to an independent panel against the Governors' decision not to offer your child a place. The deadline for appeals into Year 3 (September 2017) is 24th May 2017.

For further information regarding appeals please go to  

The Governors will make arrangements to enable parents to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel having given full regard to the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.

Appeals for entry to Cleves are organised and heard by:
The Richmond Independent Appeals Service (RIAS)

Telephone : 0208 891 7183
Email :
Appeals for entry to Year 3 will be heard on the 29th/30th June 2017.

Appeals lodged after these dates will be heard within 40 school days of the appeal deadline or 30 school days of being lodged, whichever is the later date.

Appellants will be sent notification of their appeal hearing at least 10 clear school days in advance of the hearing.

Appellants will be sent a copy of the school's case seven clear working days in advance of the hearing.

If an appellant wishes to submit further evidence which was not included with their initial appeal, they must make sure that it is received no later than 5pm on the day preceding three clear working days prior to the appeal hearing date.

Any additional evidence or information received after this date might not be considered at the appeal hearing. The appeal panel must decide whether it should be considered taking into account its significance and the effect of a possible need to adjourn the hearing.

In-year applications

To apply for a place at our school in year, applicants complete form IYA-SCCCMA which is available on Surrey's website at Applicants can complete this form regardless of where they live as there is no requirement for in year applicants to apply to their home local authority. A copy of the application, should be sent to us, so your child can be placed on the waiting list.

Should a place become available for a pupil to join the school at a time other than when transferring from Infant School, the Governors will apply in order the principles set out in the over subscription criteria (see admissions policy on right).

More information on how to apply for an in year place is available on Surrey's website at

Transfer to Secondary School

You will need to apply for your Secondary School place as your child joins Year 6. The deadline for secondary school applications is 31st October 2017 for those pupils currently in Year 6. The process is identical to that when you apply for Year 3 and the open days and deadlines are very similar. Applications can be made online at